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In the epoch of digital, those offline spaces should bring emotion to make you return and spend your time there.

This is what we do in Zezen.

I believe that modern interior design should be functional, comfortable and emotional.
Design should be individual and bring emotions. Big deal for us are emotions which people feel and remember while visiting some place or in their own house. In the totally digitalised world, it is important to get more emotional value from the offline places.


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Apartment or house

The design of your home strongly affects your mood. Individual design which was made for you gives the possibility of high-quality reflection and a complete reboot. Home is the main source of your energy. Aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics are our main principles when we create a project.

New office or renovation

This is the place where you will want to return even on Mondays, invite clients and partners, sign important contracts and have a great time with your team.Morning, afternoon or night - the office should always remain as functional as possible, create a feeling of sufficient space and air, have its own green areas and places where you can relax.

Commercial space

We create destinations where you want to return after a hard day in the digital world.Restaurant, beauty salon, sports club or shop. We know how to create special attributes and things that will draw attention; which are stored in memory and will motivate your guests to come to your business offline.


we are

proud of

Ukrainian Boxing Federation
Style: modern
Area: 120 sq.m.
A real ‘star’ of this space is a multifunctional hall. The sliding system of soundproof partitions easily transform from a press conference hall into an open-space study room. The walls are decorated with practical materials: decorative plaster and washable paint. The floor is decorated with porcelain. The wall panels and cabinet furniture are made of MDF, which emphasises the status and gives comfort of the interior of the office.
Jack House Residential Complex
Style: modern
Area: 85 sq.m.
As a result of re-planning and combining the kitchen and living room, we have got a spacious studio apartment. Marble in combination with decorative plaster became the accent material in the decoration. The project uses modern lighting systems, concealed installation doors, provides supply and exhaust ventilation system, smart house system.
CaVa Cafe
Style: modern loft
Area: 56 sq.m.
Brick, wood and stone materials are used in the decoration, which in combination with soft sofa textiles and warm lighting create coziness. Chalk boards with inscriptions hint at the playful mood of the institution, where you want to linger over a cup of delicious coffee.
Social coworking in Cherkasy
Style: modern
Area: 240 sq.m.
This is the first social coworking in Cherkasy, where the use of space is available to all citizens free of charge. There used to be a restaurant. The task was to keep the maximum of previous decoration, but also create a comfortable working atmosphere using the identity of Digital Cherkasy, who initiated the creation of such coworking.

A special feature was the creation of a multifunctional hall, which can be transformed from a hall with workplaces into a conference hall by the use of mobile tables on wheels, stackable chairs and a projector with a screen. Also the bar of the former restaurant is reasonably used as a coffee point. There is a separate meeting room with a round table.The walls are decorated with paint, carpet tiles on the floor, linear LED lighting above the desks, soundproof partitions between the desks, plants and a soft pouffe lounge area.
Apartment "Gorpina"
Faina Town Residential Complex
Style: modern ethnicity
Area: 35 sq.m.
Smart apartment for a young girl who enjoys studying Ukrainian culture. Despite the small size of the apartment, the combining of the kitchen, loggia and bedroom received a bright space, which arranged all the necessary areas - sleeping area, seating area, storage area and guest area with kitchen and bathroom. The accent in the decoration of the apartment was a modern way hand-painted walls with flowers, which harmoniously combined the colour scheme in the interior and modern minimalist furniture. Wall painting is a folk art of the XIX - early XX centuries, and was very common in the culture of Ukraine.

The walls are painted with washable paint, the ceiling was left in concrete slabs, so the combination of not perfect texture of concrete with smooth painted walls have a very modern look. Overhead lamps in black fittings were chosen for lighting. On the floor laminate, which matches the grey shades of the ceiling, the furniture in the apartment is made in white with black fittings, white colour visually enlarges the space.
Tribune of the stadium for FC Kryvbas in Kryvyi Rig
(under construction)
Reconstruction of the stadium has started from the side stand, the new stadium will be designed for 5,000 people. The stand is made of metal frame and will have a grandstand space with VIP-lodges, and a sub-grandstand space with bathrooms and food courts. The tribune has a modern look and is designed in the colours of the Kryvbas football club.

First we think about functionality and comfort, and then about everything else.The most accurate terms. We are proud of the level of our project management.Proven contractors. We work only with proven contractors who provide construction services, if necessary, we use the services of narrow-profile specialists.We are responsible for the results. We are responsible for the result of our work and offer you the option of author's supervision.


we work

Getting to know the client. Presentation of our works and style in which the studio works. Discussion of the necessary budget for the implementation of the object.
Getting to know the location
Observation of object and then  preparation of technical specifications
We prepare moodboards for you
Moodboard is a selection of materials involved, decor items, lighting. The purpose of the moodboard is to understand  the mood of the interior. The project is not ready yet, but the emotion that will be in the project has already been formed.
Preparation of planning sketches, coordination and design project
Based on the collected information, we offer the best planning solution. After the approved layout, we proceed to the first stage of assembly, necessary for the next stage - photorealistic 3D visualization of the future object. After approval, the development of working documentation follows.
Author’s/ Designers supervision and equipment
The author's support plays a leading role in the process of object realization. The designer controls compliance with the design project, if necessary, makes changes to the drawing documentation, controls color and texture solutions, selects finishing and upholstery materials, completes the object.


I offer to meet and getacquainted. Together we will design your functional and cozy space for living or working.